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Skopje Pride 2021 will be held on June 26 under the slogan “Beyond the Walls!”

The National Network against Homophobia and Transphobia is pleased to invite you to the second Pride Parade in Skopje, which will be held on June 26, 2021.

After the first successfully conducted Pride in 2019, this year Skopje Pride returns to the physical public space. Although the uncertainty in which the COVID-19 pandemic plunged us is still present, we are still happy that the situation is stabilizing and that we have a chance to proudly step on the streets of Skopje again.

Beyond the Walls

The slogan of this year’s Skopje Pride Parade is “Beyond the Walls!”. The LGBT+ community, like rarely any other group of citizens, is well acquainted with isolation and often experiences life hidden within the walls of our small, private spaces. Considering that the Pride’s aim is to increase the visibility of our community, we dedicate the slogan to all LGBT+ people who will proudly and with dignity join the Pride, but also to all those who for various reasons cannot be open and be part of the Pride, giving them support and the promise that together we will continue to work on breaking down the walls and creating a new and better world for all of us. Finally, we dedicate the slogan to all other people in our country, because the isolation and closure between the walls is something we have experienced together in the past and whose overcoming has become a common goal and desire.

The Pride Parade is a celebration of freedom, diversity, acceptance, love. In these difficult and complicated times, we need, more than ever, to reaffirm our aspirations for a more solidary, more humane, and just society. At the same time, the parade sends a message that there is a place for everyone under the sun; it is both protest and celebration, and pain and joy, and screaming and melody. Let us remain our own and support those who cannot do that for now. See you at Pride!


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