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We expect a safe and successful Skopje Pride

The Organizing Committee of Skopje Pride today, June 15, 2021, held a press conference at the social club “Komitet”, at which details were announced about the holding of the second Pride Parade in Skopje on June 26. The press conference was opened by Kocho Andonovski from the LGBTI Support Center, emphasizing that this Pride is dedicated to all LGBTI+ people and supporters, who will come to walk this march for equality of the LGBTI+ community, but also to all those who will not be able to come because of various reasons – they are afraid of the relationship they have with their loved ones, they are afraid for their jobs, or for the way they can be treated at school or college.

“The isolation we all experienced last year, most LGBTI+ people experience all their lives because of stigma and prejudice. That is why this year the motto of the parade is BEYOND THE WALLS” – said Andonovski.

Uranija Pirovska, from the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, pointed out that the plans for holding this year’s Pride were based on the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country. She informed that this year, also, confirmation was received for the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to ensure the highest level of security.

“Two years ago, our parade was rated the best precisely because of the security aspect. I expect that the Ministry of Interior will show professionalism this year as well and will ensure that the participants feel safe,” Pirovska said.

She also referred to the high level of hate speech, which appears around every event related to the rights of LGBTI+ people, and announced that at regular meetings with the Ministry of Interior in anticipation of the Pride, these cases will be reported.

Toni Angelovski, Assistant Minister of Interior for Public Relations, also participated in the press conference, saying on behalf of the Ministry that all necessary measures will be taken for the event to pass safely and in the best order.

Details about the event were shared by Elena Petrovska, from the Coalition Margins. This year, the Pride will start with the gathering of the participants in the park “Woman Warrior” from 10 to 12 o’clock, and the march will follow the same route and will end at Shkolka in the City Park.

“The party will take place at Shkolka because Pride is a protest, but also a celebration in which we reaffirm the hopes for a more solidary, more humane and more just society,” said Petrovska, who on behalf of the National Network against Homophobia and Transphobia as the organizer of Skopje Pride thanked over 30 volunteers involved in the realization of the event, for their commitment, support, and activism.

This time, the Pride will be opened by the Macedonian representative at Eurovision, Vasil Garvanliev, followed by short speeches by activists and a several-hour music program. All details about preventive measures and safety will be shared with the public on all communication channels of Skopje Pride.


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